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Update: How to make the most of your service?

How do you optimize your answering service? Are there new features that would benefit your business? Great questions! The best relationships are because both parties work together. Kelley’s reaches out to each customer on a regular basis. We ask for updated information and try to relay new options and features. But we don’t know all the idiosyncrasies of your industry. So dialogue is crucial.

Here are a few quick action items:

• Check in Regularly:
Leaving for lunch early? Have an office meeting? Is the office closed for continuing education classes? The more information you can provide your service the better we can inform your clients and set the expectation of a call back. Kelley’s agents will create temporary instructions and give your callers a superior customer service experience.

• Update your Account:
Rather than plan a huge update once a year perhaps make quarterly or monthly reminders to update your service. New Employee’s? We want to know! New Numbers for dispatching? Yes, that too! Have you moved? Added a location? Closed an office? Let us know. Our receptionists use this information to knowledgably and skillfully assist your callers. In fact, our goal is for callers to not even know they have an answering service. We are your off site receptionist or virtual receptionist.

• Additional Services or Features:
Every year our vendor is offering new and improved services. Do you need Scheduling help? How about Appointment reminders? Access to your messages via the web? Secure messaging to your smart device? Give us a call and find out how we can update your instructions, protocols and dispatching scripts.

• WE are a Team:
By keeping our team in the loop we create an excellent experience for your client. Our goal is to help your business grow by creating a great first impression; Call after call.

We understand business life gets busy. Updating your information with your answering service may be low on your radar. Taking the time to learn how new features would benefit your business may seem low priority. It’s all about information and relationships. Your answering service is an extension of your business.

Kelley’s team of agents is all located in Washington State. Our team is 100% US based and trained on providing your client an excellent customer service experience!

Call Kelley’s today to see what Business Solutions we can offer your business!

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