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How much does the human touch really matter?

Everywhere you look there is a computer, they help us with our work and even greet us on the phone. This makes some wonder if the human touch matters anymore.

Computers are taking over some of our everyday jobs and tasks. Computers are more efficient, they can work longer hours without a break and they never ask for a raise. Virtual receptionist is one of the jobs a computer is not good at doing.

You could be losing business if you’re using a computer or automated system to answer your phones. We have all heard others complain about having to sit and listen to all the options on an automated service, when actually all they really want is to talk to a live person directly. Your customers should not have to jump through hoops to get in contact with someone.

No matter the size of your business, having a live virtual receptionist can make a tremendous difference in your customer’s satisfaction and happiness. Virtual receptionists can provide a variety of differing services depending on your needs, and are usually more cost effective because they are only paid for the time they are on the call.

Increase your company’s human touch by:

Ensuring that your customers are heard when they call. Most people would rather hang up when they get a voicemail or automated system and call the next business on the list. When a virtual receptionist answers the phone instead of a machine you have less weary customers and they are happy to leave a detailed message for your office.

Virtual receptionist provides your customers with reassurance that their call is important. Customers calling in may be frustrated or upset and need to speak to someone right away. Virtual receptionist can give your customers a specific amount of time they will be waiting for a return call if your office has designated that with its service. If customers are calling in for pricing or questions, our agents will reassure them that if we don’t have the answers we will have someone contact them that does.

Provide emergency instructions to your customers. Sometimes things can go wrong and your customers need to know they have someone they can contact right away. You can leave instructions with your virtual receptionist on handling some emergencies. Agents can ask more questions than a computer to determine exactly what the problem is, how quickly it needs to be addressed and the best person to contact for the problem.

Kelley’s team of agents is all located in Washington State. Our team is 100% US based and trained on providing your clients and excellent customer service experience!

It would seem that the human touch really does matter, even in the age of computers. Call Kelley’s today and see how our agents can give your customers that human touch that they need and deserve.

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