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When a family is dealing with a death the last thing they want to worry about is getting a voicemail when they are trying to call a funeral home. Having to wait for a return call only adds more stress and confusion to a grieving family during their difficult time. Funeral homes should have someone answering their phone calls with compassion and understanding any time of the day or night. Having a full time receptionist can be costly, but using an answering service can fill the gap, providing both a caring voice for the bereaved family and an inexpensive service for the funeral home.

What may be a simple hello to many could be a breather for someone in a difficult and emotional state who has just lost someone close to them. A simple hello can say so much to a person in a time of need.

By using an answering service they can do much more for your business than just answering the phone. Here are some of the services an answering service can provide your clients:

Take after-hour calls. Answering services are not just 9 to 5, they are meant to also be the afterhour’s extension of your business. Using an answering service you know that your clients will be handled with the utmost respect care when you are not able to answer the phone. Your staff can receive a message quickly regarding callers who need more information via SMS, call, fax or email.

Handle and dispatch emergency calls. When your business is responsible for picking up a deceased, your facility will be the first point of contact if a family member has passed away in their home. An answering service can handle the job of taking the information and alerting one of your staff members to head to the location immediately for the pickup.

Schedule appointments. There is no such thing as too much preparation when it comes to funeral arrangements. When someone is considering pre-planning, it’s a good idea to set an appointment. Allow Kelley to schedule your appointments giving you more time to concentrate on your business and customers.  Kelley’s Appointment Scheduler is a web-based application that can be used as a standalone scheduler and accessed and managed by a single company or user. The scheduler can also be integrated with the Answering Service, allowing both Kelley’s agents and clients to schedule appointments.  Let Kelley’s schedule your appointments

As a funeral home, the thought of using an answering service might not have crossed your mind, but it’s a service you can offer your customers so they hearing a kind voice that has the human touch on the other end of the phone instead of a voicemail.

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Kelley’s Answering Service & Virtual Receptionist Service has been providing service to customers in Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Yakima, Tri-Cities, Spokane, and the Seattle area for over 47 years.  Our traditional client base is Washington, Oregon & Idaho. New clients are nationwide!

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