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Answering Service for your Insurance Company

Customer service for an insurance company is very important. Individuals and families spend a large amount of their hard earned money on insurance for a variety of reasons.  They buy medical insurance so they are able to receive medical care, home insurance to protect their house and valuables inside, and vehicle insurance to protect against accidents or theft on cars, boats or even recreational vehicles.

Customers purchase insurance to protect what is important to them, no matter what type of insurance they purchase, whether it is their health, their life, or their material possessions.  The purpose of insurance companies is to help protect what is important to their clients, its vital to an insurance company’s success that each of their clients feels valued.  If your customers do not feel that your company finds them significant, they may be skeptical of whether your company will value and protect what is important to them. Using an answering service allows your customers can receive 24/7 support reassuring them that you are there for them.

An answering service can help in everyday tasks related to customer service and support. Kelley’s agents are able to set, reschedule or cancel appointments. We can take calls after-hours or during the day if your employees are busy or on the other line. Our agents can gather information from your website to relay to your customers or directly refer customers to your website. Take messages and relay to your correct agent. Answering services are constantly giving your customer the service they deserve.

Kelley’s is available 24/7 to help provide a better, faster and more efficient customer service to your insurance clients. Allow Kelley’s to help offer constant availability to your customers. Kelley’s allows you to set up your account according to your specifications. When a customer calls they are greeted by an agent with your answer phrase.

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Kelley’s Answering Service & Virtual Receptionist Service has been providing service to customers in Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Yakima, Tri-Cities, Spokane, and the Seattle area for over 48 years.  Our traditional client base is Washington, Oregon & Idaho. New clients are nationwide!

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