Answering ServiceCongratuations Marthell and Yuritzi

August 2018 Employee of the Month!

Here at Kelley’s we understand the importance of employee appreciation! The stronger our team, the stronger our company, the better service we provide our clients! Congratulate our team members Marthell and Yuritzi for August Employee of the Month!

“The strength of the team is in each individual member… the strength of each member is in the team.”       – Successories

Every month we celebrate an outstanding employee who has gone above and beyond to help grow our company.


Marthell joined our team in May 2018. He has only been with Kelley’s a few weeks but it’s already very clear to see that he is a hard worker. He is a fast learner and has picked up the job very quickly. When he is not working he enjoys reading R.L. Stine books. If he is not reading he is listening to Post Malone. Marthell can also be found at Applebee’s for a fun evening out with friends. We are proud to have Marthell on the Kelley’s team! One of Marthell’s favorite quotes is “Stay Gold Ponyboy” – Johnny Cade.


Yuri has been with Kelley’s for many years. She joined our team in 2009. Yuritzi is one of our senior bilingual answering service agents. Over the years Yuri has taken time off to raise her 3 beautiful girls. She is a wonderful mother and co-worker. We always miss her when she is gone and can’t wait for her to come back! When Yuritzi is at work she is always smiling and brightens up  the room. She is helpful when anyone has any questions or needs extra help. In her free time, she likes to go on walks or jogs, or listen to EDM music and dance. She also likes reading her favorite James Patterson novel on her kindle and watching soccer games. If Yuritzi is hungry you will probably find her at Buffalo Wild Wings or at Osaka Teriyaki. Thank you for everything you do!

Having you both on our team makes all the difference!

We have amazing team members and appreciate all the energy and enthusiasm they bring to our organization. If you talk with them on the phone, or see them out in the community, give them a “Job Well Done!”


August 2018 employees of the month! Congratulations again Marthell and Yuritzi!