Answering Service

Answering Service for Domestic Violence & Crisis Response Agencies

The Social Services industries that specifically meet the needs of those in crisis have three major required communication elements: timeliness, sensitivity & accuracy.

Your company, employees and volunteers are expected to portray all of these characteristics all the time, especially nights and weekends. Often times your volunteers are handling multiple situations at the same time. An Answering Service can assist your team by being a conduit from the caller to your on-call team member.

An Answering Service can help by answering calls that are being missed or delayed. Hiring a Telephone Answering Service will:

• Capture your calls.

Kelley’s answering service works for you, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. By having a live answering service your clients receive the comfort they need when wanting to speak to a live person, rather than a recording. The answering service agents are trained to connect callers in crisis immediately, or take a detailed message from the client to pass on to the appropriate person.
Callers in crisis do not want to receive a voicemail. They can get easily frustrated when they are unable to speak to a live person. When a client becomes frustrated they are more likely to hang up or call a different agency. Using an answering service solves this by ensuring callers receive a friendly professional agent on the line regardless of the time of day they are calling.

• Be an extension to your office staff

You can’t have your best employees and volunteers working 24/7, with an answering service your clients will always receive friendly, professional responses they want and deserve. Your clients won’t even know they are not speaking to your office staff. Our agents are dedicated to providing your callers with the best experience possible.

• Screen Calls

Non-emergency calls can be screened by the answering service agent, we can provide basic information, and then email messages to the office to handle the next business day, freeing up the on-call volunteer’s valuable time from non urgent issues. Serious situations that need to be handled promptly, an answering service agent will connect to the on-call. Your calls must be answered quickly, critical situations must be addressed promptly, and all callers need to be treated with sensitivity.

By having an answering service you are benefiting your business, employees, volunteers and your callers and clients. Answering services are a vital resourse for domestic violence, crisis response and other social service industries.

Kelley’s Answering Service & Virtual Receptionist Service provides service nationwide! We have been in business for over 49 years specializing in clients regionally in Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Yakima, Tri-Cities, Spokane, and the Seattle area.