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Five phrases your customers should never hear.

It is important to create a personal connection with your customers for your business to succeed. The first connection your customer receives on the phone should be positive phrasing with a warm tone. A frustrated customer does not want to hear a negative toned phrase, if they do it leaves the caller feeling unhappy and irritated. An upset customer can resort to a loss of revenue for your business.

Here are 5 phrases to avoid using when talking with your customers.

I don’t know. No one, including you wants to hear someone say the answer to their question is not available. There are a couple different phrases that can be used to make your customers feel better about your response. Try switching this with, “What a great question. I’d be happy to find out for you.” Or “Let me have someone contact you that can answer that question for you.” This will make your caller happy knowing that you are trying to find the answer for them.

No problem. You may not realize how negative this comment seems, but the caller does. Even if you say no problem with a smile in your voice it still comes off as rude to your callers. There are many alternative phrases that can replace this, try a phrase that is more positive for your caller. Instead use “You’re welcome”, “My Pleasure” or even something as simple as “Gladly.”

You’ll need to… This phrase comes off as cold and demanding to the callers. You should not be telling your callers what they need to do. This phrase can be replaced with “may I suggest this” or “the best way to do that is…”

Hold please. One Minute. Just a sec. Never command your customer to do anything, including holding. You should always ask your customers to hold by saying “May I place you on hold for a moment?” After asking them to hold wait for a response before acting and always follow it up with “thank you!” If the caller says no, find a solution that doesn’t involve pressing the hold button.

I’m just the _______. This is very important one to remember, you are just not anything. You are somebody and should not label yourself as something less. Instead of diminishing your position with a negative phrase, try saying “This is the receptionist” or “I am the answering service agent.”

No matter your role always focus on how you can help the customer and not what you can’t do. The customer will appreciate your wiliness to help them leading to a positive call. The way you phrase your wording makes a big difference and gives a personal connection with the callers and does not frighten them away.

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