Answering ServiceBarb, our manager

Happy 16th Anniversary!

Kelley’s would like to thank and congratulate Barb on her 16 year work anniversary.

Barb started with Kelley’s in 2000 as one of our answering service agents.  She has worked every shift and then some creative ones to boot.  Barb is a natural leader and soon became our evening & weekend supervisor.  When our answering service manager position opened up in 2008 it was obvious who the right choice for the job would be.  Thankfully she said yes!

Barb is our HR wonder extraordinaire. She knows the right type of agent to hire for our organization. She creates a superb customer service environment for our clients. And always is looking to make the client’s protocols work best for all. When we need an extra hand with the call flow, she is always there to help out and then some. She is an exceptional multi-tasker in our fast paced environment.

Barb is part of our leadership team that is continually reviewing where our organization is at and where we want to be. She is valued and priceless to our team.

During her personal time off she enjoys spending time going to dinner at Olive Garden or Red Lobster. She enjoys bowling and going to the movies. Barb gets an extra sparkle in her eyes when she gets to spend some time with her grandkids!

Thank you, Barb for working so hard for us and for our clients! Your dedication is so meaningful.  Your personal pride in your work is obvious… and never taken for granted. The quality you attain is an integral part of our success.

Kelley’s cannot thank our employees enough on the job they do.  We hope to be able to celebrate many more work anniversaries with them. Thank you for helping Kelley’s excel!