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How important is your Answering Service Answer Phrase?

Answering Service Answer Phrases set the tone of the call for new and current clients.   Every incoming call is the chance to present a warm and welcoming impression of your business.

Handing off incoming calls to an outsourced answering service can be anxious and intimidating. Trust is crucial as they are the first impression a client has of your business.  At Kelley’s we train our agents to be respectful and friendly.  The essential first step of giving a great impression is the answering service answer phrase.

What are the key components of an answering service answer phrase you ask?

The initial greeting:

  • The first part of an answer phrase is the initial welcome greeting. This can be as simple as a “Hello”.  Most offices start their answer phrase with “Good Morning or Good Afternoon”.  Another common welcome portion of the greeting is “Thank you for calling…” Using this first component sets the stage for a friendly call.

The company introduction:

  • There is nothing more important than knowing you have reached the correct company. After the welcoming component of the answer phrase is the business or company name.  Callers want confirmation they have reached the company they are looking for before they start stating their story.  It can be as simple as “Good Morning, this is ABC Company” or as long as “Good afternoon, Thank you for calling ABC Company”

The question:

  • People call for a reason. They need assistance. The third component of a great answering service answer phrase is the “Ask”.  There are many different choices. What works best for your company? Is it “How may I assist you?” or “How may I direct your call?”  Maybe something more specific such as “What is your after hour emergency?” or “May I have your client ID number?”  Whatever your question is it should lead the caller to the next step.

These components can be used in your own office too. Not only does it start the conversation in a friendly manner, it gives both parties opportunity to redirect their attention and focus on THIS conversation.

Working with an answering service to answer the call, and possible handle the intake information frees up your staff and your time. This gives you the opportunity to handle the more integral parts of your industry.   Your answering service answer phrase sets the stage. Let’s get it right and provide your client a warm and welcoming impression of your business.

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