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How can an answering service benefit the HVAC Industry?

There are all sizes of HVAC companies. An answering service can provide support no matter the size of the company.

How you ask?

Kelley’s goal is to be an extension of your team:

  • To provide an excellent customer service experience to your clients.
  • Allow your staff to become more efficient.
  • And increase your profitability.

Our customer service agents are trained in handling the initial call with a professional friendly manner, to acquire relevant and accurate information, dispatch that information promptly, or schedule the appointment per your customized instructions.

All sizes of Industry:

Small companies often run their business from their landline and/or forwarded to a cell phone.  What happens when you are working on a clients system?  You can answer the call or you can miss the call. Both have consequences. Do you miss a potential client or upset your current client?

If you miss the call the potential new clients hang up and move on to the competition.

If you answer the call are you jeopardizing the relationship you have with your current client?

Is the current customer getting your full attention? Or are they getting fragmented sections of your time?  Do they feel you are invested in their issue? Are you giving them the best customer experience so they call you for repeat business?


How an answering service can be beneficial in these situations:

  • An answering service can be your first point of contact. Assuring the caller you will be returning their call shortly to schedule an appointment.
  • An additional option would be to have the answering service schedule the appointments for you per your customized instructions.
  • Create an excellent new customer experience and streamline the process.
  • Allows you to provide your current customer your full attention and a great customer experience.


Large Companies handle the first point of contact during regular business hours. What happens during peak season and hours? Do the callers get a busy signal? Could an answering service take the overflow and create a positive customer experience assuring them the office will be returning their call shortly? Yes an answering service can do all of these features and more!


How about after hours?  We have you covered there too! Kelley’s agents screen calls and determine if they are urgent or non-urgent.  Non-Urgent calls can be relayed via email, fax, or web portal during business hours. Urgent calls can be dispatched to the On-Call via SMS, Email, or calling on a phone.

Relays and protocols are customized for your company.

And all the sizes in between! There are so many scenarios we can’t list them all… Kelley’s has solutions to create a positive customer experience.

Does your company have a premium customer list that takes precedence over new clients? Our staff can cross reference calls to the list and update the On-Call technician appropriately.

Multiple On-Call Tech’s or a rotating On-Call list? Yes we can program and support these requests also.

Customer’s need to reach you all hours of the day and night!  Route your calls to an answering service where we promptly answer, and dispatch the call.

Free up your time to schedule the appointments, have that business meeting, and spend more time with your family. Get a higher quality of home life by balancing work and personal time. Knowing your caller is in capable hands.

Let Kelley’s answer your calls, so you can serve your clients!

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