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Inclement Weather Conditions

Snow is once again upon us, schools are cancelled and many are afraid to brave the roads to head into the office. Keeping your employees safe is one of the most important benefits of an answering service for bad weather conditions. Icy or snowy roads may lead to offices opening late or not even opening at all. This is where using an answering service can benefit your business.

Never miss a call.

The last thing you need to think or worry about when trying to run your business is missed opportunity. You want your staff safe and want to give them the opportunity of staying home with their kids if school gets cancelled. At the same time you can’t afford to miss calls from your existing clients or potential opportunities for new clients. If you have an answering service you don’t have to worry about missing anything. By using an answering service you can keep an open line to your clients (or patients) to help manage urgent messages when necessary.

When you’re leaving the office for lunch, day, evening or the weekend, forward your calls to the answering service. This way, if there are road delays or the office closes early due to inclement weather your calls are still covered. When you are able to get back in the office turn off call forwarding and your company never misses a call or opportunity.

It is always important to keep your answering service informed on what is going on. Your customers do not want to hear the answering service say they are not sure why you are not answering. Callers feel better when the agents can say they are coming in late this morning due to slipper road conditions, or the office has closed early because of the storm coming in.

Let Kelley’s know how we can help you during these winter surprises and any other time of the year. Kelley’s is here to answer the call when you are unable to, allowing you to keep your business thriving.

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