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Kelley’s Appointment Scheduler

Kelley’s Appointment Scheduler is a web-based application that can be used as a standalone scheduler and accessed and managed by a single company or user. The scheduler can also be integrated with the Answering Service, allowing both Kelley’s agents and clients to schedule appointments.  Let Kelley’s schedule your appointments giving you more time to concentrate on your business and customers. By providing your customers with the option it will benefit with reduced no-shows and increased efficiency.

With Kelley’s Appointment Scheduler users can:

  • Access the service at anytime, from anywhere. Users can access the Appointment Scheduler 24/7 with an Internet browser. Use this feature to book appointments from your mobile, tablet and/or personal computer.
  • Send confirmation and appointment reminders. Automated email confirmation and reminders are delivered at the date and time specified by you, providing advanced noticed and ultimately helping to reduce no-shows. Confirmations, reschedules and cancellations can be viewed by both Kelley’s agents and clients.
  • Manage roles and permissions for your employees. Appointment Scheduler allows users to customize access roles and control who can access what. In additions, event logs track all of the system and user activity.

Have more than one employee who needs their own schedule? No problems, we can create different schedules per employee under the same scheduling account. When a customer calls in and request a specific employee our agents will be able to let the customer know when the next available appointment is for that employee.

The Appointment Scheduler is set up to notify you when Kelley’s agents create, update or cancel an appointment. Along with sending your customers reminder email it will also send you the client a reminder about your upcoming appointments.

You no longer have to worry about double booking an appointment again. With the scheduler you decide how many appointments you would like per day, what times you are available and the how long to wait in between each appointment. The scheduler will not allow someone to schedule an appointment at a time that is not designated.

Call Kelley’s today to find out how we can start scheduling your appointments for you!

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