Answering ServicePrescreening or Live Answering

Live Answer Versus Prescreening Callers.

At Kelley’s TC we typically have two types of clients.

  • Those who want all calls answered as soon as possible with a “Live” representative.
  • Those that want their calls screened prior to getting a “Live” representative.

What are the advantages of each? And what is right for your clientele?

A few advantages of Live Answer:

  • Customer Service and Sales!
  • If a customer is calling your business that is the best opportunity to share information, give a great customer experience and close the sale.
  • Callers get the assurance they are being heard. They get the expectation of a call back or receive the information directly from the answering service representative.
  • Help capture revenue opportunities.
  • Transfer callers to the correct team member.

A few advantages of Prescreening Callers then Live Answer:

  • Prescreening is a pre-recorded greeting letting callers know the office is closed. It gives the regular office hours and refers non-urgent callers to try back when the office is open. Prescreening allows urgent calls to press zero or remain on the line and an after hour’s agent will be right with them.
  • The medical industry loves calls prescreened prior to live answer. Why? It weeds out the patients calling prior to opening and right after closing that really only want to talk to the office.  It also allows the urgent calls to filter through and be dispatched to the on-call.
  • Prescreening reduces the cost of live answering service. How? Billing is typically less while calls are being screened versus having a live agent relay the information.
  • It is a great resource for companies wanting to limit their after hour’s calls.

If you are trying to capture every potential client and caller then Live Answering Service is right for you.

If you are looking to limit or restrict calls at specific times of the day then Prescreening may be the best option to service your clients, and contain costs!

Kelley’s can be your Live 24 Hour Answering Service or Live 24 Hour Answering Service with Prescreen options whether you are in the Tri-Cities, Seattle, Spokane, Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Portland or anywhere nationwide!

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