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Kelley’s has many generations of employees. We have some Boomers, some Generation X and our new hires are predominantly Millennials.

To say the least how each demographic interacts with each other, management and clients are unique.

Our team recently reviewed the article from The Balance on “Tips to Manage Millennials” and found it very informative and accurate.

Here is a quick synopsis of what we learned.

  1. Provide Structure:  Millennials want timelines and due dates. Meetings should have agendas and minutes. Goals should have specific clear targets. They want their progress and success to be assessed and acknowledged.
  2. Provide Leadership & Guidance:  Millennials want in on the big picture.  They expect to be guided and taught. They want to know you are invested in them.
  3. Positive reinforcement of their image and attitude:  Encourage them. Their parents did it. They expect you to also.
  4. Team Collaboration:  Millennials have experienced team success. They believe a team can actually accomplish more and better. And they can!
  5. Listen:  Millennials want to be heard. They feel their voice and thoughts have value. No matter their age they know they can provide valuable input.
  6. Challenge and Change is good:  They hate being bored. Give them a challenge and keep them adapting.
  7. Multitasking Guru’s:  This goes hand in hand with the previous tip.  They have multi-tasked their whole life. It is part of who they are.  If fact in our industry we love it. They can talk on the phone, type a message, handle an email, and dispatch calls.
  8. Electronics Wizards:  Texting, emails, chatting, programming and configuration.. They do it all and prefer it. Ironically we are teaching millennials phone etiquette.  They are so used to the electronic age phone skills need to be trained.
  9. Networking:  It is a global world and they know it. Whereas working with a client across the country may have been challenging years ago, with millennials it is just another day at work.
  10. Work to Personal Life Balance:  Millennials won’t work 60 hour weeks. They love their free time to spend with family, friends and personal activities.
  11. Provide a Fun Employee Centered Workplace:  They want to enjoy their workplace. They want to make friends and make their workplace a fun energetic place to be at.

Needless to say Millennials have many wonderful unique characteristics to incorporate into any organization. Especially for companies that have been around for longer than the millennial has been alive. It is a balance to blend all of the generations into one cohesive team.

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