Backup Everything

Redundancy and your Answering Service

Redundancy and your Answering Service. Answering Services, Call Centers & Virtual Receptionist Services are in the business of providing your customer’s service when your regular staff is unavailable. Most services are available 24/7/365. What protocols are in place when an unexpected outage or disaster happens? It is important to know if your service provider has…


Happy Anniversary Pete

Happy 26th Work Anniversary Pete

Happy 26th Work Anniversary Pete! Today we celebrate and congratulate Pete on his 26 year work anniversary. He joined Kelley’s staff in 1990. He started out as one of Kelley’s Sales Representative for the Tri-Cities and Yakima area. He transferred from sales to technician and has made the Tri-Cities his home. Pete has held many…


Virtual Receptionist

What is Virtual Receptionist Services?

What is Virtual Receptionist Services? First of all a Virtual Receptionist is a real person.  It is not an automated or fake computer software or system. Virtual Receptionists are live, breathing human beings. They are highly skilled and trained to be you’re off site receptionist.  They are simply not at your physical location. Virtual receptionists…


Barb, our manager

Happy 16th Anniversary Barb!

Happy 16th Anniversary! Kelley’s would like to thank and congratulate Barb on her 16 year work anniversary. Barb started with Kelley’s in 2000 as one of our answering service agents.  She has worked every shift and then some creative ones to boot.  Barb is a natural leader and soon became our evening & weekend supervisor. …


Call Center Agents

What is a Call Center?

What is a Call Center? Call Centers deal with large businesses. The typical call center has 200 plus workstations. They are a large business. And they do business with Large Businesses. Call Center accounts are handled very differently than a traditional answering service account. Call center accounts require an information-gathering process which includes: Straight forward…


Happy 14th Anniversary Patty

Happy 14th Anniversary Patty!

Happy 14th Anniversary Patty! Kelley’s would like to thank and congratulate Patty on her 14 year work anniversary. Patty wears many hats at our company. She started as an answering service agent. She worked many years and many different shifts. On occasion even now when an agent needs help or an emergency arises she is…