Call Center Agents

What is a Call Center?

What is a Call Center? Call Centers deal with large businesses. The typical call center has 200 plus workstations. They are a large business. And they do business with Large Businesses. Call Center accounts are handled very differently than a traditional answering service account. Call center accounts require an information-gathering process which includes: Straight forward…


Answering Service Agent

What is an Answering Service?

What is an Answering Service? The definition of an answering service is “a business that answers telephone calls and takes messages for the people and businesses that hire it.” Perhaps a more complete definition is a service provider that is employed by another business to processes incoming telephone calls, take a message, and deliver it…


Virtual Receptionist

What is Virtual Receptionist Services?

What is Virtual Receptionist Services? First of all a Virtual Receptionist is a real person.  It is not an automated or fake computer software or system. Virtual Receptionists are live, breathing human beings. They are highly skilled and trained to be you’re off site receptionist.  They are simply not at your physical location. Virtual receptionists…