Answering ServiceTeam Snug San Diego 2016

San Diego Convention 2016

The San Diego Convention  2016 put on by our user group and our vendor generates so much energy and ideas!

New ideas for our Agents, IT Department and Sales!

What did we learn that will benefit our clients? Here is a little sneak preview

State of the Art and Immediate Reports on Call Flow & Agent Productivity:

  • We are already implementing a Dashboard so agents can see our overall current call flow. Kelley’s will be looking to implement a new product specifically designed to keep our agents aware of their productivity real time, offers additional training modules to keep our staff up to date and interactive.
  • Reports, Reports and More Reports!

Tools for the IT Department to be proactive rather than reactive:

  • Thanks for the training on the Alarm Manager! 16 alarms to keep an eye on any issues happening in the background.
  • Reports specifically for our IT guru’s.
  • Creating custom call flow configurations and dial plans and scenarios.

Our Sales Department:

  • Did you know with our Soft Switch Kelley’s can provide customized call routing solutions?
    • Voicemail, Live Agent, or just the routing options to your own Cell phones after hours!
    • Ring to your office during the day, Ring to an On-Call after hours, or to one of our agents.
  • Auto Dialer Appointment reminders will be launched this year. Do you need to remind clients of an upcoming appointment? Invite members to a meeting? All customizable to your specifications!

Coming soon!

  • Auto Dialer.
  • Intellisite Newly Updated:
    • If you already use our Intellisite the new version has the ability for clients to help manage their own accounts!

Our annual convention is an amazing group of members. Amazing because we are all in the same industry and competitors, but bring our ideas together to help generate growth and productivity for the clients we serve.

In closing thank you Team Snug and Startel for continuing to educate us and keep our sites progressing!  The San Diego Convention 2016 was a success.