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Sharing Information with your Answering Service

Are you getting the best out of your answering service? Are they able to provide callers with essential information about your business?

Each business is customized for their specific needs and requests. However, every business has some of the same structure.

This essential information can be quickly and effectively relayed by an agent. No need for you to take your precious time and return a call when our agents can provide the information.

Therefore, make sure your answering service is provided with these essential items:

  • Office Hours Including Lunch Hour.
  • Mailing and Physical Address.
  • Website Address.
  • Fax Number,  if able to be given out.
  • Rates if applicable
    • Can we share with clients your pricing structure?
  • Email Address for Customer Service.
    • Would you prefer to correspond with the client via email? Our agents can give out your email address. Or send information to the client for you!
  • Updated Contact Name and Number List.
    • To successfully dispatch our staff need current names and numbers.
  • Purpose of the Agents.
    • Understanding our purpose allow us to successfully handle the call
    • Are we screening calls? Are we a customer service agent? Are we scheduling appointments?


Now this is just the essential information. How about special occasions?

  • Is your office closing for a staff meeting or training the first Tuesday of every month?
  • How about closing for any Holiday’s?

Please share this information well in advance. It helps our managers to increase staffing accordingly. At Kelley’s, giving your customers the best service is important. That means having the appropriate amount of staff on hand to handle all of our client calls.

  • Unexpected Office Closure?

Call and let us know the reason and timeframe if available. Our agents will share this information with your clients, assure them of your return and dispatch the call as necessary.


It doesn’t end here….Regularly review and update!  Change happens in every office. Personnel change, numbers change, locations move… Review your contact information and dispatching protocols.  Our management team annually sends account information out for your review.


Keep us updated and give our agents the opportunity to successfully represent your business!

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