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Signs it’s time for an answering service

Are you debating on working with an answering service?

The thought of adding another business expense to your books might make you unsure, there comes a time when your business needs to expand to be able to grow. Contrary to what you might think, working with an answering service is more cost-effective, than hiring a receptionist.

Here are four questions to help you determine if an answering service would benefit your business.

  1. Do you have trouble answering your calls when you receive them?

If you frequently miss calls and have to rely on voicemail on a day to day basis you are leaving current and potential customers frustrated. When a customer calls your business line they expect to talk to someone directly not wait 3-4 rings then have it answered by a voicemail greeting or no answer at all. As your business starts to grow you will notice an increase in your call volume, if you can’t keep up with your calls then it’s time to consider an answering service.

  1. Do you constantly have to check your voicemail?

If you are missing calls and they are going straight to voicemail, then in the long run you are making extra work for yourself throughout the day. To keep up with customer demand you or a staff member will need to check your voicemail on a regular basis, write the message down and then return the call. By having to constantly check for messages, this can interrupt your work day and also leaves your callers feeling like an afterthought.

  1. Are you constantly finding your voicemail full?

When you miss calls and don’t regularly check your voicemail messages, you could be reaching the max limits of voicemails on a regular basis. If a customer calls and hears “inbox full” they will hang up and call your competitor. These making you lose business not only from current clients but also potential new clients.

  1. Is your staff distracted from their daily work by answering the phone?

A busy ringing phone is great for business but it could also be drawing your employees away from their current tasks. Your employees should be focused on helping current customers, not neglecting them to screen incoming calls.  Current customers are just as important to new customers. If a current customer receives bad service they will take their business elsewhere.

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to consider an answering service to help your business. Kelley’s can help your business grow!

Kelley’s has been offering professional answering service for 48 years. Call today for a custom quote!

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