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Spring Break Answering Service & Virtual Receptionists

Spring break is right around the corner, the kids get a week off from school and you should be able to enjoy that time with your family also. It is never fun watching those around us having fun while we are stuck inside the office. Having an answering service can provide you with more time to spend with family and friends. Take some time away from the office and let Kelley’s take the call so you can enjoy spring break!

Key benefits of using an answering service during spring break:

  • Only receive urgent calls: It is okay to give yourself a break. Let the answering service provide your customers with basic office information from directions, hours, and policies. Kelley’s agents let your customers know you are not in the office at the moment but will gladly take a message for you on your return. This lets you return the call at your convenience. Urgent calls are no problem Kelley’s lets you have separate relays for urgent and non urgent calls. If an urgent call comes in we are able to contact you via text, pager, email or even a phone call.
  • Appointment Scheduling: It is easier to be away from the office knowing you have a reliable staff taking messages and scheduling appointments for you. Let Kelley’s schedule your appointments, and your time is no longer tied up on the phone trying to find a date and time that works best for you and your client. Just let our staff aware of what hours you are available for appointments and Kelley’s will take it from there.
  • Have a personal touch: By using an answering service you are making sure that every caller is greeted courteously and professionally. A customer is more apt to hang up if they receive a voicemail instead of a live person. Having answering service lets you take time away from the office yet still have your phones answered by a live agent. Kelley’s is an extension of your business; we want to help you and your customers.

Everyone deserves a break every now and then and what better times to take a break then on spring break itself. Let Kelley’s answer the call so you can spend time with your friends and family. It is often surprising to many businesses just how effective an answering service can be. Not only do calls get handled professionally and in a timely manner, but it also takes the stress and pressure off you and your staff.

Kelley’s Spring Break Answering Service & Virtual Receptionists, Call or Email today for more information!

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