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Team Employee Appreciation!

Here at Kelley’s we understand the importance of team employee appreciation! The stronger our team, the stronger our company, the better service we provide our clients!

1st quarter this year we have 3 exceptional team members that deserve a shout out.

Barb: Kelley’s Answering Service Manager

Barb has been with Kelley’s for almost 16 years. She has worked every shift on the answering service. She is the glue holding our agents together and handles the majority of our customer service with current clients.  Talk about a dynamic job!  In January we honored Barb with reaching specific goals designed to make our agents more efficient.  She is a superb team member; needless to say she is irreplaceable!

Yvonne:  Lead agent

For 2 ½ years Yvonne has been such a pleasure to work with. She is intelligent and so willing to step up and learn!  Recently she has assisted in training our new agents on our weekend and evening protocols.  She also helps with cultivating new sales opportunities for our Sales Team. Give her a project and she will tackle it and master it! Great Job Yvonne!


Pete: IT/Technician

Pete has been integral to Kelley’s in the 26 years he has been with us! The last year we have implemented many changes. Pete stepped up and excelled in each and every one of them. 1st quarter of this year Kelley’s implemented Remote Agent Access.  Pete once again stepped up, configured, created training documents and new protocols for our remote agents. He is continually monitoring and streamlining our IT processes.  Well Done Pete!

Team Employee Appreciation! We have amazing team members and appreciate all the energy and enthusiasm they bring to our organization. If you talk with them on the phone, or see them out in the community, give them a “Job Well Done”!