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Team Employee Appreciation!

Here at Kelley’s we understand the importance of team employee appreciation! The stronger our team, the stronger our company, the better service we provide our clients!
In addition to regular team building events we have 3 exceptional team members that deserve a shout out.

  • Patty: Sales & Administrative Assistant
    Patty has been with Kelley’s for 14 years. To say she has worn many hats is an understatement. Her primary job duties are sales and administrative/marketing assistant. This year she has stepped up and taken on more responsibility and thrived! It is exciting to hear her work with new clients and create custom configurations for their individual needs. Great Job Patty!
  • Brianna: Agent
    Brianna is relatively new to Kelley’s. But has she made an impression! She excels as one of our Customer Service Agents. Brianna is one of Kelley’s off-site agents. She was integral in helping launch our remote agents and assists regularly to make sure we succeed. When times have required an agent on-site, she offers to make the drive without hesitation. Thank you Brianna!
  • Marilly: Advanced CSR
    Dependable, Reliable, Solid, Compassionate, Happy. Marilly is everything you could want in a customer service agent. She primarily works our graveyard shift. We couldn’t ask for a better person to handle our clients and their callers during the middle of the night. She rarely calls in sick and is always cheerful and available if the need arises for her to work extra hours. Marilly’s responsibilities as an Advanced CSR are to mentor new agents, programming and configuration. Way to go Marilly!

Team Employee Appreciation! We have amazing team members and appreciate all the energy and enthusiasm they bring to our organization. If you talk with them on the phone, or see them out in the community, give them a “Job Well Done”!