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Using Answering Service over Voicemail

Never miss an important call again! Forbes reported in 2014 that 80% of callers that are sent to a voicemail, hang up and the New York Times reported that 30% of messages never get listened to for at least three days and 20% of people that have voicemail, never even check it.

Voicemail has become an option for many offices. It’s flexible, readily available and inexpensive. While many businesses have chosen the easy way of using voicemail, there are still others who value the customer experience you receive with using an answering service.

Some think the only victims resulting from businesses using voicemail over answering service are the answering service companies. However, the business that chooses voicemail over a live person answering receives lower customer service scores, since customers prefer talking to a real person over an automated service. Even though voicemail services have come a long way and offer many features to try and personalize their service, a machine can’t compare to an actual person.

It may seem that you’re saving hundreds of dollars on using a voicemail but you’re actually losing thousands on lost business opportunities. A live answering service agent captures the messages and relays them in real-time. This is where many are finding voicemail fails. More messages mean more business and more business means more revenue.

Answering service agents handle calls 24/7, anytime your customer calls there is someone to answer the phone. The first impression a customer receives when calling a business is one of the most crucial. Using a call center that specializes in answering and taking messages lets your callers be greeted with a smile and be treated with respect. Your customer’s requests, complaints and questions are handled real time by your answering service agents who are knowledgeable and competent about your company. Having a live agent answer your calls helps to grow rapport with your customers, an agent can be sympathetic and express their willingness to help.

Call Kelley’s when you are ready to switch from voicemail to answering service and let our agents help your business grow. Kelley’s is located in Washington State and prides itself that all of our agents are local.

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