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What is Virtual Receptionist Services?

First of all a Virtual Receptionist is a real person.  It is not an automated or fake computer software or system. Virtual Receptionists are live, breathing human beings. They are highly skilled and trained to be you’re off site receptionist.  They are simply not at your physical location.

Virtual receptionists often take the place of the traditional receptionist.  They are growing more and more popular because they are trained to handle higher call volume, answer the phones 24/7/365 and they cost less than hiring an in-house employee to do the same job in person.

Virtual receptionists:

  • Answers your calls
  • Relays pertinent information
  • Transfers specific calls to clients depending on their protocols
  • Takes messages from the other callers
  • Provides you with information about each call


Small and medium sized businesses particularly benefit from having a virtual receptionist.

  • Improve call response time.
  • Provide a better customer experience.
  • The cost of maintaining a full time receptionist may be cost prohibitive with a limited budget. Outsourcing this service can save money and provide 24/7 service.
    • Because they are not on your payroll there is no healthcare insurance, retirement plans, or other fringe benefits. And your clients get an excellent customer service experience.
    • Always available when you need, but never on the clock unless you have a call ring in. You only pay for when the Virtual receptionist is working on the phone for you!
    • Never worry about breaks or vacation and have your phone ring unanswered! Our team of Virtual Receptionists covers for each other during breaks or days off. Never miss a call.
  • Send calls to the virtual receptionist during high call flow periods rather than have the caller get voicemail or a busy signal.


What Industries Use Virtual Receptionists? If you have clients calling your business then our virtual receptionists have solutions to help your business grow.


More and more businesses have staff work from home. Their in-house receptionist answers the call and transfers to the home based employee. Imagine outsourcing this to a Virtual Receptionist!


Kelley’s team of agents is all located in Washington State. Our team is 100% US based and trained on providing your client an excellent customer service experience!

Call Kelley’s today to see what Business Solutions we can offer your business!

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