Voice Mail

Kelley’s Voice Mail service offers the newest in voice mail technology.

Voice Mail gives you the ability to be away from your phone, yet not miss a single call; allowing you exclusive control of your messages and the opportunity for personal privacy and time management.

Voice Mail Features

  • Very easy to use
  • Passcode protected
  • Callers messages can be emailed to you via wave files
  • Change your greeting and retrieve, keep, and delete messages at anytime from anywhere.
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • No equipment to buy or repair
  • Confidential and convenient
  • Multiple greetings available
  • Transfer callers to off premise number or intertie with answering service

Voice Mail Individual Systems:

Basic and Deluxe Voice Mail configurations are available. Do you need just a greeting to let callers know specific information without leaving a message? Options such as these are programmable on an individual number basis.

Voice Mail Custom Systems:

Custom system configurations also available. Do you have a larger staff and need several options to route callers to the correct department? Do you need routing to be different during office hours versus after hours.

All of these options can be used independently or as part of a custom business Voice Mail configuration.

Voice Mail to Live Answering Service:

Looking for a combination of Automated Voice Mail Services & Live Inbound Services? We have it! Customized structures per your request can be configured. Screen callers after hours with an automated attendant to determine non-urgent versus urgent calls. Non-urgent calls can be routed to another Voice Mail option while urgent calls are routed to our Live 24/7 agents for immediate assistance.

Transfer Caller: Announced & Unannounced

Automated Voice Mail Services are able to transfer out the caller and connect them to your personal number. You have the security of knowing the caller does not have your personal number. Callers can be announced or unannounced. Unannounced callers will connect to your phone immediately. Announced callers will state the caller’s name to you prior to connecting. Callers will hear hold music during the transfer. Announced calls may be answered immediately or pushed to Voice Mail to handle at a later time.

Kelley’s Voice Mail is offered NATIONWIDE. We are able to provide Local numbers to most areas!

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Automated Voice Mail Services

Appointment Scheduling

Time is important! Kelley’s Appointment Scheduling gives you the time to build your business without being tied to the office. Make appointments from your personal computer.

Our appointment scheduler program is created around your specific parameters. You have complete control in updating, moving and managing content with just a few clicks.

Auto Attendant Call Routing

Auto Attendant greets callers with a pre-recorded script of your specifications. Rather than have callers wait on hold to be connected to the receptionist to then be connected to the contact they are requesting Auto Attendant routing them directly to their requested contact. Auto Attendant frees up your staff to handle their designated tasks without interruption.

Secure Text Messaging:

Kelley’s Startel Secure messaging allows communication in a HIPAA compliant format. Message your staff or colleagues via this smartphone app.

Secure Messaging features:

  • Secure & Encrypted
  • Know when your messages to your colleagues are delivered & read
  • Free Secure messaging between devices
  • Quickly deliver messages from our call center saving time!

Kelley’s Automated Services is offered NATIONWIDE. We are able to provide local numbers to most areas!

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