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Weekend Answering Service

Days off and Weekends! When was the last time as a small business owner you had free time? When was the last time you weren’t attached at the hip with your phone?  With Kelley’s Weekend Answering Service getting out of town, enjoying dinner out with your family or friends, hitting the slopes or the golf course is within your reach!

What exactly is a weekend answering service?

  • At Kelley’s our Answering Service is available 24/7/365. However, you can choose when you want our customer service agents to handle the calls. You control this simply by transferring the calls.
  • Kelley’s bilingual customer service agents answer the call, screen the call, and dispatch all according to your customized instructions!

What opportunities are you missing by not being available?

  • Missed calls equal missed opportunity. Whether they come in on the weekday or weekend new and current clients expect a response.  A weekend answering service is a great solution to balancing business life and personal life.
  • Rushed or Delayed Answer Calls. On the weekends are you rushing to answer the phone? Are you delayed in answering a new or current client’s call because of personal responsibilities conflicting with business?  Our agents answer the call promptly creating an excellent customer service experience. Assure the caller their issue is important and relay accordingly. Freeing up your personal time.

How can it benefit your organization?

  • Professional, courteous, bilingual agents become an extension of your business!
  • An instant office receptionist.
  • Message tracking & documentation for follow ups & billing.
  • Increasing your profitability.


Is the amount of time you are spending on building, maintaining, managing your business effecting your home life? Do you need a break?

A Weekend Answering Service enables you to reclaim your free time, days off and weekends! Enjoy doing what YOU like to do most!

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