Answering ServiceWelcome New Employees

Welcome Employee’s Karina, Lorena & Deihsi!

In the past six months Kelley’s has welcomed three new bilingual agents to our answering service division. Kelley’s trains its staff on professionalism and courtesy to client’s, callers and fellow staff members. Each of our new employees are HIPAA trained when they’re first hired, along with a month long training with our manager and then the supervisor.

Karina joined our team the first part of May, 2017. Karina has been with the company several months now and it’s evident that she enjoys her job and fellow employees. She is eager to learn new things and willing to help where she can. When she is not working she relaxes by listening to R&B music while reading her favorite mystery novel.

Lorena and Deihsi joined Kelley’s team the end of May, 2017.

Lorena, since day one, has had a great personality on the phone and towards her coworkers. She enjoys spending her free time crocheting, reading fantasy novels and listening to classical music.

Deihsi is always full of energy and has a smile on her face. She enjoys spending her off days playing volleyball, listening to Mexican music and reading the Twilight Saga.

Karina, Lorena & Deishi all agree whenever it’s time for a coffee run Dutch Bros is the place to go. Another thing they all agree on is flowers. You can never go wrong with roses!

It’s always a pleasure to meet and get to know our new employees; we look forward to learning more about each of them. Thank you ladies for helping Kelley’s excel. You are a truly valuable to our team and we appreciate it.

Kelley’s can be your answering service whether you are in the Tri-Cities, Seattle, Spokane, Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Portland and anywhere nationwide!