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What is a Call Center?

Call Centers deal with large businesses. The typical call center has 200 plus workstations. They are a large business. And they do business with Large Businesses.

Call Center accounts are handled very differently than a traditional answering service account.

Call center accounts require an information-gathering process which includes:

  • Straight forward pre-determined scripting
  • Never Urgent
  • After information is gathered it is delivered in a fast, automated process that requires very little decision making

Call Centers are often order takers.  The agent taking the call simply asks prearranged questions of the caller. Depending on their answer it gives the agent the next question to ask. It is scripted.  The process is guided so that each question and answer leads to the next scripted question.  Agents simply follow the process and come to the end. There is very little critical thinking involved such as in a traditional answering service setting.

Call centers take inbound calls such as subscriptions and they may do outbound calling to survey or gather post purchase information from a consumer.

The typical call may take 2-3 minutes. And the average call center agent represents just a few clients in the course of a shift; Processing the same information over and over.

Do we get called a call center? Yes, we do.   Is your need for a telephone answering service or a call center?  Review our previous news article “What is an Answering Service”? to review the distinctions and make your choice based on your needs.

Employ a Call Center or employ an Answering Service. Both have unique characteristics dependent on the services your business requires. Perhaps your small business requires both.

Kelley’s specializes in small and medium sized companies requesting Traditional Answering Service, Inbound Call Center Service, or a blend of the two.

Call Kelley’s today to see what Business Solutions we can offer your business!

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